Access is provided annually to volunteer officers* who have submitted signed agreements to comply with Society Policy P-15.8 "Conflict of Interest," and Society Policy P-12.14, "Use of Member Data**". Volunteer officers may assign this responsibility to another member of their unit as provided for in Society Policy P-12.14; however the new member must also submit signed agreements to comply with Society Policies P-12.14 and P-15.8.

Please contact with any questions.

* Volunteer officers include those volunteers from Sections, Student Sections, Districts, Affinity Groups, Technical Groups, and Technical Divisions.

** Per Society Policy P-12.14, "Use of Member Data", the ASME List Serve has been provided to you to announce and promote ASME-related activities. If you have a non-ASME related activity that you’d like to promote to the membership, please contact the ASME Staff Manager assigned to your Unit who will advise you of the appropriate procedure for doing so.

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